Suggestions For Gay Travel To China Suggestions For Gay Travel To China

As a communist-led country steeped in old-world traditions that influence even the most modern, advanced cities in the nation, China may not seem like the ideal location for gay vacations; however, travelers will find that there is a vibrant scene in China, including pride celebrations, clubs, bars, neighborhoods and a level of acceptance that is on the rise as the visible, well-organized LGBT community grows. From exceptional food and fashion to beautiful landscapes and rich cultural experiences, China offers a wide variety of options and is an ideal location for gay vacations.

Shanghai and Hong Kong are two cities in China that are popular locations for gay tours. Each has a growing, organized LGBT community, as well as many clubs, bars, saunas, restaurants, LGBT community events and annual pride celebrations, making both of these cosmopolitan cities great vacation destinations for LGBT tourists. There are several beaches around Hong Kong Island that have a large male population, as well as neighborhoods such as Lan Kwai Fong and Soho in Hong Kong and Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon. The club scene in Shanghai is centered in the French Concession district and is home to an array of LGBT options from darkly lit lounges to thumping dance clubs.

Another larger metropolitan area offering both an international business hub and exceptional fashion, shopping and dining is the city of Beijing. While Beijing may not have the thriving nightlife expected in Hong Kong or Shanghai, there are several clubs, bars and restaurants throughout the area. Destination is the most popular LGBT nightspot in Beijing and caters to a primarily male audience, but is also frequented by women. There are also a number of eateries within walking distance, including a romantic Spanish tapas restaurant called Mare and Alameda, a trendy fusion bistro.

Gay travel in China is a life-changing experience unlike any other experience in the world. To make the most of your time in China, and to make sure you have a memorable and safe gay vacation travel experience, consider traveling through China as part of a planned trip.

This will allow you to explore all that China has to offer with a like-minded group of travelers in a comfortable way and will give you the opportunity to make new friends along the way. Alternatively, for a private China vacation, consider enlisting the assistance of a travel agency well-versed in planning gay vacations to China to help ensure that your gay tours are expereinced to the fullest.

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