The Curiosity of Chance

This charming gay comedy brings viewers back to high school, during the eighties, complete with goofy friends, a menacing principle, and a homophobic bully. A sense of humor and a sense of optimism make it an enjoyable journey. A contest sponsored by the distribution company Bigfoot Entertainment for best coming out story includes a first place prize of $500.

Arizona Sky

Writer/director Jeff London presents another gay-themed independent film, this one involving young love that might blossom, many years later. A return to small-town life gives a Hollywood film-maker a second chance.

Tongues Untied

Tongues Untied launched an uproar of controversy when it aired as part of PBS’s P.O.V. series of documentaries, back in 1991. The religious right used it as an example of why U.S. citizens shouldn’t fund PBS or the National Endowment for the Arts. Lost in the raving was the film’s content: creative explorations of black gay men in America. Yes, the film includes pictures of a naked man: the film’s director, Marlon T. Riggs. It also includes strong language, with explicit references to sexuality. The language and nudity are central to Riggs’s honest, naked investigation of what gay black men experience.