Omer Pasha Music Videos Limited Edition DVD, Trance Club Mixes and Picture Book Produced by Omer Pasha is Set for Release at Film Festival Events in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) June 15, 2014

The DVD distribution will take place at several selected film markets and festivals in Hollywood later this year and in 2015.The picture book titled Omer Pasha Music Videos Picture Book contains high quality stills from Omer Pasha music videos. Omer Pasha Music Videos DVD and picture book will also be released in certain stores and outlets in Los Angeles by December 2014.

Omer Pasha Music Videos (American Television Edition) is now released. A saga based on several states of the United States, California, Arizona, Arkansas, Maryland, Oklahoma, Massachusetts, Chicago, Wisconsin, Florida, Alaska, Nevada, New York, Wyoming and Missouri, is now online.

Omer Pasha Music Videos (American Television Edition) explores multiple themes based on love, religion, fashion, glamour, dance, music, cityscapes and fantasy life. A compilation of 50 music videos of short and feature lengths with Omer Pasha as leading vocalist/singer unveils themes of dance, animation,religion, spirituality, crazy fun, fashion, vogue, gay and lesbian genres.

Omer Pasha Music Videos Latest Release-Trance Club Mixes.

Omer Pasha Trance Mixes (TV 2 Edition) 13 New Tracks and Music Videos

1. Blue Sapphire Medley (Trance Mix) TV2

2. Blue Sapphire (Trance Mix) TV2

3. Jeanie (Trance Mix) TV2

4. Kelan’s America (Trance Mix) TV2

5. Loved (Trance Mix) TV2

6. Max’s World (Trance Mix) TV2

7. The New World Order (Trance Mix) TV2

8. 1 am Penthouse Party (Trance Mix) TV2

9. 1 am Penthouse Party (Trance Mix) 2 TV2

10. Steam House AM (Trance Mix) TV2

11. The Rise of Shay (Trance Mix) TV2

12. The Soul of Cole (Trance Mix) TV2

13. You Let it Come (Trance Mix) TV2


Omer Pasha Music Videos Limited Edition DVD is a 90 minute DVD that contains selected music videos from Omer Pasha’s Official Videography.

Omer Pasha-Official Filmography/ Music Video Videography 2007-2014

Double Feature Length Music Videos

1.2007: Come To Me

2.    2008: Who Are You

3.    2009: Come To Me (French Edition)

4.    2009: Come To Me (2012 Edition)

5.    2010: California Midnight Movies

6.    2010: Who Are You (Glendale Edition)

7.    2010: Who Are You (Sacramento Edition)

8.    2010: The Curse Unveiled (Santa Barbara Edit)

9.    2011: California Midnight Discos

10.    2011: Oklahoma Maryland Midnight Rituals

11.    2011: California Midnight Women

12.    2011: California Midnight Women (Revised Edition)

13.    2011: The Cursed Riddles of California

14.    2012: The Cal Crew (Las Vegas Edition)

15.    2012: The Cal Crew (Caucasian Love Returned)

16.    2012: Vancouver Midnight Movies

17.    2012: The Cal Crew (Sequel)

18.    2012: The New World Order (Art Thriller)

19.    2013: The Soul of Cole (Double Feature Musical)

20.    2013: Vancouver Nights

21.    2013: Blue Sapphire (Jazz Nights)

22.    2013: Midnight Prophecy Movies

23.    2013: The Calling of Christ Rituals

24.    2014: Christ Premonitions

25.    2014: Red Dreams

26.    2014: Penthouse (German Indie Film Festival Edition)

27.    2014: Hotel Lounge (German Indie Film Festival Edition)

28.    2014: Omer Pasha Trance Mixes (TV 2 Edition)

29.    2014: Omer Pasha Music Videos (Vancouver Gala Edition) aka (Canadian Edition)

30.    2014: Omer Pasha Music Videos (American Television Edition)

31.    2014 :Omer Pasha Music Videos (Bollywood Edition)

This is an introduction to a new genre of feature long music videos.Kindly note all music from trance remixes is prepared and edited by Omer Pasha only. Loops have been commercially licensed to Omer Pasha by Loopmasters. All third party matches on YouTube and any other outlets are an error.

Produced and Directed by Omer Pasha

Double Feature Length Music Videos

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