Madonna Tickets – Material Girl For Gay Marriage Madonna Tickets – Material Girl For Gay Marriage

Madonna’s high-profile smooch with Britney Spears at the MTV Video Music Awards was enough to spark controversy in the entertainment industry for months to come back in 2003, yet five years later the legendary pop icon is still making waves with her stance on gay rights. Although not of the homosexual persuasion herself, Madonna has taken it upon herself to stand up for gay rights, most recently with California’s Proposition 8, which bans the previously-overturned legality of same-sex marriage in the state. California voters last week upheld the ban, and Madonna’s appearances on the West Coast for concerts came at a strikingly convenient time for the renowned edgy pop singer.

Joining the ranks of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres, Brad Pitt, Lance Bass, Barbra Streisand, Melissa Etheridge, Steven Spielberg, Samuel L. Jackson and Pete Wentz, Madonna publicly denounced her views on California’s Prop 8, declaring to all those with Madonna tickets at a concert at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium last week, “If we can elect an African-American as president, we can support gay marriage! Defeat Prop 8! We will not give up!” This outspoken and controversial blast came as no surprise to anyone familiar with Madonna’s edgy ways, and the longtime pop icon continues her drive for gay marriage and rights even after the results from last week’s election came streaming in.

Madonna’s embracements of her sexuality and edgy public image are staples in her public persona, and have been ever since the performer’s penetration into the music industry back in the early 1980s. A Bay City, Michigan native, Madonna (whose full name is Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone) first rocked the nation with 1982’s club hit “Everybody,” which she quickly followed up with “Physical Attraction” and “Holiday.”

After releasing her debut album, Madonna’s second release Like a Virgin is what bolstered the pop vixen up into sheer mainstream success. Her sexy music videos and strong personality were the winds to Madonna’s back, and by 1985 the talented performer had seemingly reached the top of her music career with the crazily popular hit song “Material Girl.”

Leaked nude photos of Madonna in the late ’80s only helped propel the singer’s image in the public realm, and Madonna continued pumping out hit singles and albums through the ’90s and into the ’00s, garnering number ones with songs like “Secret,” “Take a Bow,” “I’ll Remember,” “Deeper and Deeper,” “Fever,” “This Used to Be My Playground,” “Ray of Light,” “Beautiful Stranger,” “Music,” “American Life” and many, many more.

Aside from winning seven Grammy Awards in her highly successful career, Madonna has also seen fame in films, children’s books and several live performances, most recently hitting it big with the single “4 Minutes,” a collaboration with Justin Timberlake. Madonna’s performances often feature Timberlake and his ex Britney Spears, and you can see all the action live when you find Madonna tickets online. Madonna’s most recent headlines include her divorce from husband Guy Ritchie, and her much-speculated relationship with baseball’s Alex Rodriguez have emerged but have not affected the incredible vocalist’s music career.

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