In The Closet

Griffin (J.T. Tepnapa) goes home with Press (Brent Corrigan) after meeting him (presumably) at a bar. We don’t know many details about that meeting, except that Press eventually found the courage to “chat up” Griffin. A feature-length version—and yes, this short film merits such treatment—might explore that awkward first meeting. 

Still, we learn everything we need to know as the film progresses. Despite the extreme sexual chemistry between the two characters, they also share fears, which they slowly reveal to the audience and each other. “Monsters don’t live under the bed,” Press tells Griffin, in a quiet voice that sounds both frightened and threatening. 

During the film’s fourteen minutes, desire gives way to passion, and both give way to terror. Dex Craig (Alone, Pandemonium) provides a soundtrack that toys with that contrast, leaning more to the disturbing than to the romantic. Joel Bellucci (Star Trek: Of Gods And Men) supplies the surprising and effective CGI effects for the film’s Twilight Zone-ish ending.

Jody Wheeler wrote, directed, and produced In The Closet. Wheeler gives the two actors a script that allows for a playful encounter and unguarded confessions. When Tepnapa’s character reveals his childhood phobia, he sounds like someone who still fears being alone. Corrigan’s awkwardness obviously hides something deeper as well, but his subtle hints and worried glances add to the growing dread.

In The Closet premiered to sell-out crowds at OutFest 2008, in Los Angeles.

Tepnapa and Corrigan are currently reteaming to co-star in Judas Kiss, a film Tepnapa co-wrote. Visit JudasKissMovie.Com for details and the online Judas Kiss comic. A writer/director with numerous film credits, Tepnapa has also appeared in several online Star Trek fan-made films. Corrigan’s recent transition from adults-only fare into mainstream films also includes the upcoming comedy Another Gay Sequel.

Jody Wheeler wrote the upcoming Regent Entertainment film Heatwave. He founded the gay science fiction, fantasy, and horror web site in 2007.