Deconstructing The Marriage Debate Deconstructing The Marriage Debate

The current marriage debate involving homosexual marriage can be very confusing. The reality is that this particular marriage debate has been around for quite some time. The current form of the debate is that the notion of traditional marriage is under attack from the acceptance of the homosexual lifestyle through marriage in terms of mainstream society.

One fact that is constantly presented by the conservative side is that marriage is on the decline and more people are getting divorces. They claim that this is a direct result of global moral decay. While one in two couples in the United States get a divorce, the rate is different in the rest of the world.

Stats from Germany, for example, have the divorce rate sitting at about two or three hundred couples out of every thousand. Canada’s divorce stats are slightly higher than that, while Italy’s statistics tend to be the lowest in the European Union at around fifty couples out of every thousand.

The divorce arguments factor in to what conservatives in North America consider to be moral decay. The conservatives use this argument to explain why homosexual marriage and abortion are “on the rise”. The United States conservatives have elected to blame those two social issues for the perceived social decline in marriage values without actually looking for causes.

Relationships between parents and children are, for example, often centralized because of parents splitting up or because of a lack of role models from both genders. Conservatives often use statistics in terms of child relationships when it comes to homosexual marriage.

The comprehensive data at this point determines that gender has very little to do with raising children. The marriage sex or gender of these role models is entirely secondary to simply having role models. This is because of the actual decay of society that is related to living in a world where both parents need to work in order to support a family. In these instances, having both parents with the child are extremely rare.

While conservatives attempt to push the marriage debate and their view on various social issues, it is actually a social-economic climate issue that is largely to blame for the breakdown of the American family. As both parents in a home need to work to support children, the time that the child has with those parents is significantly diminished.

The time that the couple has for one another is equally diminished. This leads to various workplace affairs and other social issues that are in direct response to marriage breakdowns. Marriage licenses are still actively being rejected to otherwise loving people that just happen to be the same gender, while in other places marriage licenses are granted to those that will work fifty hours a week and will barely form a family unit.

In light of all of the misinformation, it is important to realize that there are still standards of marriage to uphold. Those standards, however, are not those currently present due to the political leanings in the marriage debate. Those standards are in place in people’s lives and that is truly the only marriage debate that matters.

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