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Lewis lives in Dallas, Texas, by way of Houston.

He writes movie/theater reviews as well as the “Catching Up With . . .” celebrity interviews for This Week in Texas. Scott Lewis can be reached by e-mail HERE

Legally Blonde-The Musical: Almost Flawless

I am having dinner with a friend and he say’s “Legally Blonde-The Musical is coming; we have to go see it!”  He speaks with such enthusiasm, excitement even.  Let me first let you know that my knowledge of Legally Blonde comes from an afternoon in bed when nothing was on and I caught a bit of Legally Blonde 2 on cable.  Not Impressed.  I found the title character shallow and void of any redeeming quality that would keep me from changing the channel to a 24 hour infomercial channel.  This being said my enthusiasm for this production was no where near the level of my friends’.  However the show had a couple of things going for it.  After a run in Dallas it was going to play the beautiful Bass Performance Hall in Fort Worth and the tickets were free.