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Calling Mormons To Task For Prop 8

In the aftermath of the Proposition 8 campaign in California are shattered lives and broken hearts of many non-traditional families who, for a brief moment tasted the sweet reality of marriage. As the dust settled and the facts came to light it became evident that a shadow organization manipulated the electorate in the state through a concentrated fear and disinformation strategy aimed at misleading the voters and muddying the waters of debate. This shadow group was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the protest has taken aim at their very heart.

Faith Leaders Responding to National Prayer Breakfast

This morning, President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke out against the pending anti-homosexuality bill in Uganda at the 58th National Prayer Breakfast. Hosted by members of Congress and sponsored by the Fellowship Foundation, otherwise known as The Family, the breakfast was attended by foreign leaders, U.S. government officials and invited guests. The breakfast has been attended by every president since President Eisenhower, and takes place annually in Washington, DC.