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Lewis lives in Dallas, Texas, by way of Houston.

He writes movie/theater reviews as well as the “Catching Up With . . .” celebrity interviews for This Week in Texas. Scott Lewis can be reached by e-mail HERE

Catching Up With . . . Dame Edna

I first discovered Dame Edna Everage the international housewife, therapist, gigastar, guru and celebrity confidant back in 90’s when she had a brief stint as a talk show host on a monthly show on NBC.  I knew then that I was in the presence of greatness.  Back then the Dame was only a megastar, but as she will tell you today she is a gigastar.  How things have changed.  She has been called the funniest person alive by Rolling Stone Magazine and they are right.  I thought I was in for a great time with the most famous person in the world, (she will tell you she is), little did I know she knew as much about me as I knew about her.  I felt  like I was on her hilarious British show Neighborhood Watch-the game show that’s also a Dame show (Available on DVD).  For me this time with the Dame just reconfirmed she is the funniest person on the planet.   I caught up with the Dame in her suite in New York . . .

Catching Up with…John Waters

“Think I invited you over here to discuss the future of independent film?” asks John Waters in the liner notes. “Hell no, I’m lookin’ for a little action!” Handpicked by the legendary filmmaker himself, the songs on this subversive follow-up to A John Waters Christmas are sure to seduce, including Elton Motello’s racy “Jet Boy Jet Girl,” a homicidal track by actress Mink Stole and Patience and Prudence’s “Tonight You Belong to Me,” the first record Waters ever shoplifted. I caught up with John just before he was to jet off to the Berlin Film Festival where there will be a screening of his performance film This Filthy World. We talked about the new CD, putting out on the first date and more….

Catching up with. . . Cyndi Lauper

(Reposted From Sept. 2006) Cyndi Lauper was one of the defining stars of the 1980’s. Her debut album “She’s So Unusual” sold over five million copies and gave Cyndi four Top Ten singles including her signature, a song known as well today as it was then “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun”.

Catching Up With. . . RuPaul

(Reposted from Dec. 2005) It has been some four years since we last heard from Rupaul and I have to admit that her unique energy and positive spin on all things is something that I think we could use right now.