Cambodia For Gay Trip Destinations Cambodia For Gay Trip Destinations

If you are looking for fun and excitement in a tropical setting and you are gay, gay travel to Cambodia has become more affordable to all travelers no matter what your orientation is. Political upheaval and war was once a part of daily life in Cambodia. Not the country has become a vacation destination because of a gay tolerant government.

Three million souls lost their life during the decades of political terror and genocide. Now Cambodia, located between the countries of Vietnam and Thailand, has become a tourist destination that brings together gay and straight tourists from around the world. Your partner and yourself will enjoy many valued spots like the beautiful nature of Batambang, the majestic temple of Angkor Wat, and the exciting and exotic nightlife of Phnom Penh. You can enjoy your gay lifestyle without scrutiny or prejudice and do so within sight of the friendly people of the country.

Due to the expansion of the international airport, it is easier than ever to enter the country of Cambodia by air. Phnom Penh and the areas around Siem Reap are easily connected with domestic flights. The Riel is the current Cambodian currency and the exchange rate is usually around 4000 Riel to every US Dollar. Over the last few decades, health and cleanliness has improved, but with the tropical climate caution is warranted.

Homosexuality is legal in Cambodia. This is a policy that many third world countries do not recognize. Restaurants, bars, and hotels have opened their doors to the gay lifestyle and embrace it. If you want to check out the gay hot spots in Cambodia, a simple word search on your favorite search engine will give you a plethora of choices for partying and having fun.

Same sex marriage is not legal in Cambodia, but Buddhist culture is more tolerant and has less fears of gay culture. Gay couples are seen as something only to look at and not something to fear. This is not like other religious based countries that follow Islam or Christianity. The Buddhist have more of an open mind in these matters.

There have been gay festivals and a gay pride parade since 2004 in Phnom Penh and these events are becoming more and more popular. Crowds from around the world and around the country descend on Phnom Penh just to watch people and participate in gay festivities.

A gay friendly atmosphere can be found no matter what part of Cambodia you visit. You can just sit back and relax and be yourself. From the naughty district of Phnom Penh to the country villages you can find almost anywhere, same sex exploits are happening everywhere. There is a drawback though. Over a million men and prostitutes are walking around with the HIV virus and most will perform services without warning you of their condition. Not only are there a million reported cases, there may be even more cases unreported.

So for your next trip to an exotic destination, pick Cambodia and discover its gay friendly atmosphere. Gay travel to Cambodia is not as dangerous as it used to be and with a little planning and scouting before you depart, you will find the country delightful and truly an exciting gay vacation destination.

This commentary about gay journeys to Cambodia is by Howie Holben. Howie runs Spirit Journeys, a gay vacations outfit. Spirit Journeys makes available spiritual gay travel .