Calling Mormons To Task For Prop 8

Protest holds Mormon Church responsible for broken lives and families

Salt Lake City, UT – In the aftermath of the Proposition 8 campaign in California are shattered lives and broken hearts of many non-traditional families who, for a brief moment tasted the sweet reality of marriage. As the dust settled and the facts came to light it became evident that a shadow organization manipulated the electorate in the state through a concentrated fear and disinformation strategy aimed at misleading the voters and muddying the waters of debate. This shadow group was The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the protest has taken aim at their very heart.

It was no secret that the LDS church was a driving force in the Prop. 8 campaign, and many of its members canvassed neighborhoods and distributed materials for the cause. While the involvement of the church members was out in the open, the manipulation, planning, coercion, and deceit behind the scenes by the leaders in Salt Lake was largely unknown until January 20, 2010. In the landmark Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial in California, documents were entered into the public record that show LDS church leaders were instrumental in coordinating, managing, directing, and staging the strategies of the Protect Marriage & YES ON 8 campaign.

“We don’t take issue with the LDS church having a stance on Prop. 8 and Marriage Equality,” says protest organizer, Jason Beckett. “They can get behind any political debate they want, but when they set to deliberately trick the voters and hide their involvement – that’s when the line is crossed and people like us have to take a stand. We must be the ones that hold them to the same standards of integrity they hold their members.”

After the release of the documents in court and a showing of the Reed Cowan documentary, 8: The Mormon Proposition at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival, Beckett and others created an OPEN LETTER OF EXCOMMUNICATION addressed to the president of the LDS church with demands of repentance and a return to integrity as a religious organization. Among other things, the letter accuses the church of being a political action group whose proselytizing is an “orchestrated attempt to beguile your membership, deceive citizens, and defraud the government.”

Many members of the LDS church are completely unaware of the actions of their leaders and those that are seem to be content with the breach of integrity, feeling it is in God’s hands to deal with their transgression. In a letter to Mr. Beckett, a member of the LDS church who identified herself as Jessica said, “Our faith believes that any man called of God to be Prophet cannot lead His church astray, and if that man attempts to, God will stop him by whatever means necessary.”

“I want to get people talking about this issue,” comments Mr. Beckett. “I am not holding my breath for God to strike down the Mormon apostles or for the LDS leaders to acknowledge their deceit. But, if writing a letter and sending it to my friends, family, co-workers, LDS church members, local media, AND the prophet of the Mormon Church gets people looking closer at who was calling the shots in California, maybe things will be different in other states where this issue is on the ballot.”

A copy of the Open Letter of Excommunication to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can be downloaded online at where participants of the protest can get the mailing address for the president of church, Thomas S. Monson.